Family-Based Visas

Would you like to bring a family member or fiancee from another country to live in the United States? Are you in the U.S. on a visitor’s visa, but want to stay here with a family member?

You will need a family-based visa from the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS). The immigration lawyers of R. Bracken & Associates, Attorneys at Law can file a petition for the correct type of family-based visa efficiently and cost effectively. Please contact us today to schedule a consultation and case evaluation.

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Sadly, there are always many more people who want to come to the U.S. on a family-based visa than there are visas available. Filing a family-based visa petition will put your family member in line for a visa, but there may be a long wait. It’s important to work with an experienced immigration attorney so you can be certain the petition is filed correctly.

The spouses, parents, and minor children of U.S. citizens do not have to wait for a visa to become available. Once the USCIS approves the family-based visa petition filed by their relative, they will receive an immigrant visa immediately. Other relatives’ petitions are considered according to the following preference system;

  • First Preference: Unmarried, adult sons and daughters of U.S. citizens. Adult means 21 years of age or older.
  • Second preference: Spouses of lawful permanent residents, their unmarried children (under twenty-one), and the unmarried sons and daughters of lawful permanent residents.
  • Third preference: Married sons and daughters of U.S. Citizens.
  • Fourth preference: Brothers and sisters of adult U.S. Citizens.

Please contact us for all family based immigration visas, including the F2 Visa, H4 Visa, J2 Visa, K1 Visa, K2 Visa, K3 Visa, K4 Visa, L2 Visa, O3 Visa, P4 Visa, R2 Visa, and TD Visa.

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