Military Parole in Place (PIP) for Spouses, Children, and Parents of Veterans and Military Members

Are you a veteran or U.S. soldier who is married to a spouse without legal status?  Do you have a parent, child, or step-child who is in the United States illegally but desires legal status? Perhaps in the past you were told that your family member cannot obtain legal status in the U.S.  In such cases you may have been told that your family member would have to return to their home country where they could face inadmissibility, waivers, and a host of uncertainty.  This may not be necessary for family members of veterans or military members who have been granted Parole in Place.

Parole in Place (PIP) is a relatively unknown discretionary measure that can be granted by any District Director of the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS).  Due to a policy expansion published on November 15, 2013, this discretionary measure was extended from solely benefiting spouses of active military members to also include the parents, children, and spouses of veterans, as well as active military members. Once granted, the U.S. soldier or veteran is usually able to then petition for his or her family member inside the U.S. for lawful permanent residence without anyone needing to leave the country.  PIP requests are considered by the District Director on a case by case basis.  One must utilize great care in seeking it and should not attempt to obtain it without the assistance of a competent immigration attorney.

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