Removal of Conditions (I-751)

peaceful pathIn instances where an alien has been granted permanent residency through his or her spouse, and within two years of entering the marriage, the residency status is usually deemed “conditional”.  You can tell if  your status is conditional when your residency card has an expiration date that is two years from the admission date instead of ten years.  Due to the Immigration Marriage Fraud Amendments (IMFA), Congress has mandated that conditional permanent residents must follow a comprehensive procedure to have the conditional status removed.  Conditional residents who do not comply with the requirements at the end of the two-year period will find that their residency status is automatically “terminated” by the Immigration Service after the two year anniversary of issuance and they are normally placed into removal proceedings before an Immigration Judge thereafter.

Should the alien resident and spouse remain married near the end of the two year period, a jointly signed petition with supporting documents should be filed within ninety days of the second anniversary of the grant of conditional status.  Sometimes both spouses will also be required to appear at a personal interview with the immigration service before conditions are removed.

Occasionally marriages terminate prior to the second anniversary.  In this circumstance the conditional status can usually still be removed so long as a waiver based upon a bona fide marriage is approved by the Immigration Service.

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