Whether or not it seems to make sense, all alien fiancé(e)’s entering the U.S. are required to submit to a medical examination at a clinic or hospital of the Consulate’s choosing before a visa will be granted. The purpose of this requirement is to screen the alien fiancé(e) for certain medical conditions relevant to U.S. immigration law. Additional information regarding the medical exam can be found at: www.travel.state.gov/visa/immigrants/info/info_3745.html

Don’t have the visa beneficiary rush out and obtain a physical exam on his or her own. The information that you are going to attend the medical examination is always provided by the Consulate. You will be charged for the appointment as well as for any vaccinations that you may be required to obtain.

I have had clients in the past who were either pregnant or nursing that could not obtain certain vaccinations. Should this situation apply to you, be aware that the alien may be required to wait until the vaccinations can be given before he or she will be granted the visa.

Drug Testing:

Drugs that are illegal in the U.S. are tested for in the alien’s body at the medical exam. Be aware that among a number of medical problems that can render the alien beneficiary “inadmissible”, testing positive for a controlled substance can render the alien inadmissible for up to three (3) years. (I’ve seen this happen to clients). Don’t let it happen in your case!  No drugs!